Performance at Loring Park Art Festival 2015

Last Saturday we got the chance to perform at the Loring Park Art Festival in Minneapolis for the first time. We put on a 20 minute hoop dance show, then shared our overabundance of hoops with children and art goers for an hour of interactive hula hooping. Then, after taking a short break we spent one more hourContinue reading “Performance at Loring Park Art Festival 2015”

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As you can see one Twistin’ Vixen is not like the others… Colleen is the lucky one soaking up the sun in Arizona this Christmas while Amy, Nikki and myself play in the snow. Safe travels and I hope everyone brought their hoopContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

Bachelorette Party Hoop Dancing

Last weekend we celebrated one of Kayla’s final weekends of being a bachelorette. I have the pleasure of standing up as her Matron of Honor in the wedding, which made me the primary party planner. So, as the Twistin Vixens, we HAD to incorporate some hoop dancing into the night SOMEHOW. After dinner and manyContinue reading “Bachelorette Party Hoop Dancing”

Hooping with the Stearns County Pachanga Society

We were once again invited to bring our hoops to the most recent Stearns County Pachanga Society show at Pioneer Place. We had a great time hooping on the empty dance floor and getting it all warmed up for everybody else to come down and boogie. Their music is so much fun to dance to!Continue reading “Hooping with the Stearns County Pachanga Society”

Bubble Hoops

Recently, we treated ourselves to new Bubble Hoops after reading a review of how great they were. We each picked up 33″ diameter hoops (which were the largest size available at the time we ordered) for $65 plus shipping from LanternSmith’s website. These hoops have skinnier tubing than any of our others with only 1/2″Continue reading “Bubble Hoops”

Vintage Circus Themed Hooping Performance

Last week we got the privilege of joining 18 other hoopers and 60 other performers for an amazing circus themed party orchestrated by Funtime Funktions. A Minnesota company was celebrating 50 years of business and they dreamt up the idea of having a burlesque circus themed celebration. Everything about the event was outstanding. Performances tookContinue reading “Vintage Circus Themed Hooping Performance”

Flow Classes Begin Next Week!

Sign up for our Hoop Dance Flow Classes through Sartell’s Community Ed. (It’s listed on the Community Ed registration page as Flow Level 3.) We’ll be meeting every Wednesday evening for 6 weeks starting on March 7th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Sartell Middle School Commons area. NO PRIOR CLASSES or HOOPING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!Continue reading “Flow Classes Begin Next Week!”

Team Building Exercise: Hula Hooping

For those who may not know, Kayla works at Target when she’s not hooping like a madwoman. It’s no secret around there that she’s an obsessed hula hooper. A while back she was asked to bring in a bunch of hoops for one of their special Team Building Exercises. She showed her coworkers some ofContinue reading “Team Building Exercise: Hula Hooping”