Flow Classes Begin Next Week!

Sign up for our Hoop Dance Flow Classes through Sartell’s Community Ed. (It’s listed on the Community Ed registration page as Flow Level 3.) We’ll be meeting every Wednesday evening for 6 weeks starting on March 7th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Sartell Middle School Commons area.


We will be teaching lots of new tricks and then stringing them together to form a mini hoop dance routine every week to help build your flow.

Level 2 Hoop Dance Class

Level 2 class was a great group of our most dedicated hoopers and it was a great pleasure to teach these ladies. Thanks for joining us again! It makes us so happy to share what we love and see them find the same joy we do.

One Reply to “Flow Classes Begin Next Week!”

  1. Debbie is right, me too. I like watching otehrs do the hula hooping and i’m a bit envious with them. It’s too easy for them to do it unlike me the hula hoop can’t even stay 10 seconds in my waist.. haha funny but true.

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