Surprise Birthday Party Hoop Dance Class

Tonight, Kayla and I taught a private hula hooping class in Sartell, MN. We arrived unaware that we were a birthday surprise for someone. Her friends led her to believe she was going out for dinner, but she was actually in for 90 minutes of non-stop hooping! What a fun idea for throwing a surpriseContinue reading “Surprise Birthday Party Hoop Dance Class”

Video of our Cirque du Sartell Hooping Performance

Check out the video from our hula hooping performance at the annual Sartell Community Showcase. This years them was “Cirque du Sartell.” Soundtrack – “Circus” by C-Mon & Kypski

Cirque du Sartell Hoop Dance Performance

Yesterday we got the chance to entertain audiences at “Cirque du Sartell.” This Community Showcase takes place annually at the Sartell Middle School. Kayla was unable to join me for the event so I invited two friends to come and perform in her place. Both of these lovely ladies were in our Community Ed hoopContinue reading “Cirque du Sartell Hoop Dance Performance”

End of our Spring Hoop Dance Classes

Our Spring quarter Community Ed hoop dance classes have come to an end. We are sad that they are over, but look forward to the warm summer weather and joining up with hoopers at the park for some real free flowing jam out sessions. Thanks to all the girls who participated and made our classesContinue reading “End of our Spring Hoop Dance Classes”

Flow Classes Begin Next Week!

Sign up for our Hoop Dance Flow Classes through Sartell’s Community Ed. (It’s listed on the Community Ed registration page as Flow Level 3.) We’ll be meeting every Wednesday evening for 6 weeks starting on March 7th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Sartell Middle School Commons area. NO PRIOR CLASSES or HOOPING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!Continue reading “Flow Classes Begin Next Week!”

Hoop Dance Performance at the Sartell Community Showcase

We brought an armload of hoops with us for our hoop dance performance at this years 50s themed Community Showcase in Sartell, MN. Lots of people picked up our extra hoops to play with during our performance. The hoops fit right in with the theme making a fun activity for everybody to participate in. TheContinue reading “Hoop Dance Performance at the Sartell Community Showcase”

Sartell Hula Hooping Class

We had a blast teaching our most recent Level 1 Hoop Dance class. We had a great bunch of girls and every week was lots of fun. Thank you to everybody who participated! We hope to see you in Level 2, starting on Feb. 14th! Here’s a snapshot of the class even though about halfContinue reading “Sartell Hula Hooping Class”

Hoop Dance Level 2 Classes

Our next round of community ed Hoop Dance classes will begin on February 14th. If you LOVED Level 1, you will LOVE Level 2. Classes will take place from 7:00-8:00 p.m. Tuesday nights in the Sartell District Office gym as they have in the past. This time we will learn some additional corkscrew moves, chest hooping,Continue reading “Hoop Dance Level 2 Classes”