Styled For Good Performance

We love weddings so we were incredibly pumped when the lovely people from Styled For Good reached out to us to perform at their wedding showcase. This event is amazing – it’s the first ever Twin Cities wedding showcase with the primary goal of giving back to the community. It’s a collaborative event that combinesContinue reading “Styled For Good Performance”

Fourth of July Hooping at Riverfest

Independence Day celebrations came and went like a flash. Either summer is getting shorter and shorter every year, or we’ve just been spinning ourselves silly whilst hula hooping and losing track of time.  What I do know, is what a great weekend we had over the 4th taking part in Riverfest 2016 in La Crosse,Continue reading “Fourth of July Hooping at Riverfest”

1950’s Themed Hula Hoop Performers

In the past two weeks Nikki and I have had the pleasure of throwing it back doo-wop style for two 1950’s hula hoop performances. Barnes and Noble invited us to perform for their Throwback Thursday series and we happily obliged. We donned our 50’s best for the event, which was complete with a hula hoop competition and prizes.Continue reading “1950’s Themed Hula Hoop Performers”

Hooper Clothing Inspiration

Our hoop clothing posts seem to be pretty popular so I put together another collection of clothes to inspire you hoopers. Hopefully this gives you some ideas as you assemble your next hoop dance costume. When hooping it is best to wear cotton, especially on your legs, because it is the least slippery fabric. Hoops also stick well to bareContinue reading “Hooper Clothing Inspiration”

Hula Hooping Halftime Happiness

We were invited to perform at the Halftime show during the St. John’s University vs. St. Cloud State University basketball game Tues. Nov. 25th. All four of us were able to attend the event, and Kayla was able to show off her baby bump in it’s 6 month glory. Decked out in our usual fuzzy pink andContinue reading “Hula Hooping Halftime Happiness”

Hoop Gigs Galore

The past week has been a crazy busy and awesome time for us. Collectively, we performed at 4 different events across the state and had a ton of fun along the way!! Below you’ll find pictures that highlight each event. Colleen and I performed at the Harvest Gala last Thursday. The Harvest Gala is aContinue reading “Hoop Gigs Galore”

Live Young Die Fast Clothing

Live Young Die Fast Clothing, otherwise known as LYDF, is a local company that we are closely tied to. Kayla especially. Her husband Jon Helm is the founder. He started the company in 2009 selling t-shirt designs locally and managing a blog based on his love of motorcycles, tattoos, photography, music and whatever else tickles his fancy. DefinitelyContinue reading “Live Young Die Fast Clothing”

Twistin Vixens Hooping at Shangri~La 2013

Giddy with excitement, Kayla and I set out early in the morning for the Shangri~La music festival at Harmony Park Music Garden with a pre-loaded van, ready to be parked and slept in. We were hoping for 12 straight hours of hooping to incredible bands outdoors. However, we hit two of the worst traffic jams ever on theContinue reading “Twistin Vixens Hooping at Shangri~La 2013”