January 30/30 – Week 4

This week of hooping has been the best by far, considering Kayla, Nikki and Amy visited me in Arizona for a vacation. We brought hoops nearly everywhere we went, and squeezed in as much fun as humanly possible. There’s nothing better than quality time with my hoop sisters. They left me filled with joy andContinue reading “January 30/30 – Week 4”

Hoopdance Revolution Book

A new hooping book “…equal parts instruction manual, history of a turn-of-the-century phenomenon (1997–2012), and personal introduction to performers, teachers, organizations, and communities devoted to the art form,” has just been published. It is called “Hoopdance Revolution: Mindfulness in Motion” by Jan Camp. Check out the Hoopdance Revolution website to get your hands on aContinue reading “Hoopdance Revolution Book”

Bubble Hoops

Recently, we treated ourselves to new Bubble Hoops after reading a review of how great they were. We each picked up 33″ diameter hoops (which were the largest size available at the time we ordered) for $65 plus shipping from LanternSmith’s website. These hoops have skinnier tubing than any of our others with only 1/2″Continue reading “Bubble Hoops”

ACE Fitness: Study on Hula Hooping

If you think hula hooping is just child’s play, think again! Hooping can burn up to 600 calories per hour making it a major cardio workout (minus the WORK)! Check out the study from ACE Fitness (American Council on Exercise) on the recent hula hooping fitness craze and proof of its effectiveness!

Hooping Clothes and Costumes

If you are looking for cute clothing pieces to incorporate into your next fabulously flamboyant hoop dance costume we’ve gathered some great links to get you started. There aren’t many online stores specifically offering “hooping” clothes, so we’ve hunted down other genres of dance attire that would look fabulous twirling around inside of your hoop.Continue reading “Hooping Clothes and Costumes”