Bubble Hoops

33" Lantern Smith Bubble Hoops

Recently, we treated ourselves to new Bubble Hoops after reading a review of how great they were. We each picked up 33″ diameter hoops (which were the largest size available at the time we ordered) for $65 plus shipping from LanternSmith’s website.

Two Lantern Smith Clear Bubble Hoops

These hoops have skinnier tubing than any of our others with only 1/2″ OD tubing. They are made of polycarbonate, which is a totally clear hard plastic with a shiny finish. The Bubble Hoops have a little more weight to them than polypropylene, are more rigid, and are much springier.

It’s definitely a different experience than the 38″ polypros we’ve spent the majority of our time using lately, but with time we are sure we will grow to love them. So far we find that when practicing with the Bubble Hoops we do a lot more off-the-body hooping. The smaller diameter takes lot of energy to keep going around the body.

The best way to describe these hoops is that they really boi-oi-oi-oing.

Twistin Vixens Using Bubble Hoops

Published by Colleen

Hoop dance performer, hooping instructor and hoop maker. From Minnesota, transplanted to Arizona in 2016. I have been hooping since 2009 and doing my best to spread the joy of hooping ever since.

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