Performance at Loring Park Art Festival 2015

Loring Park Arts Festival 2015 Hula Hoop Dancers

Loring Park Art Festival 2015, Minneapolis Twistin Vixens Hula Hoopers

Last Saturday we got the chance to perform at the Loring Park Art Festival in Minneapolis for the first time. We put on a 20 minute hoop dance show, then shared our overabundance of hoops with children and art goers for an hour of interactive hula hooping. Then, after taking a short break we spent one more hour roaming the festival putting on pop-up performances. We received many compliments and got a really great response from the crowd.

After that, (as if three hours of hooping isn’t enough) we headed out to Isanti and met up with Kayla to put on an hour long show at a private party for our second year in a row!

Twistin Vixens Hula Hoopers

It was a fabulous day spent spinning, smiling and sweating!

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