Hooper Clothing Inspiration

Our hoop clothing posts seem to be pretty popular so I put together another collection of clothes to inspire you hoopers. Hopefully this gives you some ideas as you assemble your next hoop dance costume. When hooping it is best to wear cotton, especially on your legs, because it is the least slippery fabric. Hoops also stick well to bareContinue reading “Hooper Clothing Inspiration”

Hooping Clothes and Costumes

If you are looking for cute clothing pieces to incorporate into your next fabulously flamboyant hoop dance costume we’ve gathered some great links to get you started. There aren’t many online stores specifically offering “hooping” clothes, so we’ve hunted down other genres of dance attire that would look fabulous twirling around inside of your hoop.Continue reading “Hooping Clothes and Costumes”

Tutus Make Everything More Fun

With a little work, inspired from the recent videos I watched on making tutus and some crafty leg warmer creations from Kayla, we put together our newest hoop dance costume. They are very bright and we stick out like a sore thumb wherever we wear them. Perfect. In between performances the other weekend we tookContinue reading “Tutus Make Everything More Fun”

Entire RSVP Talent Show Hula Hooping Performance

Now you can view our whole hoop dance performance from the talent show! I sure do wish I had an HD camera 2 days ago, so you could see the huge smiles on our faces. But this will have to do for now. If anybody out there has a better quality video of the fullContinue reading “Entire RSVP Talent Show Hula Hooping Performance”