May Day Parade

We’re so pumped about spring and everything that comes along with it – especially the annual May Day parade hosted by Heart of the Beast Theater in the Powderhorn neighborhood of South Minneapolis. I was able to join in on the fun with the fabulous Hoop Twin Cities crew and was pumped to reconnect with old hoop friendsContinue reading “May Day Parade”

Tunes We’re Currently Rocking

Music is essential to hooping and we listen to a lot of it. We’re always thirsting for different bands to tune in to. Frequently changing up your music helps put more variety in your hoop dance. We’re always open to recommendations, and since we love sharing we put together this list of artists we’ve been hoop dancing to lately. TryContinue reading “Tunes We’re Currently Rocking”

Hoop Gigs Galore

The past week has been a crazy busy and awesome time for us. Collectively, we performed at 4 different events across the state and had a ton of fun along the way!! Below you’ll find pictures that highlight each event. Colleen and I performed at the Harvest Gala last Thursday. The Harvest Gala is aContinue reading “Hoop Gigs Galore”

Takin’ Time Summer Solstice Music & Arts Fair

Don’t miss out on the Takin’ Time Summer Solstice Music and Arts Fair coming up this weekend. We will have a hoop stand full of pretty adult-sized hoops and collapsable polypro hoops available for purchase. As always we have lots of hoops with us for everybody to pick up and play with so you can groove out to the live musicContinue reading “Takin’ Time Summer Solstice Music & Arts Fair”

Music for the Soul: Matisyahu

Music for the hoop as well. We are long time fans of Matisyahu. We’ve been loving his newest album “Spark Seeker” and felt inspired to make a quick video to one of the songs. It was hard to choose which one to use, they are all good. We recommend checking out his music yourself. A month orContinue reading “Music for the Soul: Matisyahu”

Great Hooping Music: Nahko and Medicine for the People

Their music speaks for itself. All it took was one view of one of their videos posted by Wookiefoot on Facebook and I was hooked. I highly recommend giving it a listen and getting your hands on both of their albums. They used to go by “Medicine for the People” but recently changed their nameContinue reading “Great Hooping Music: Nahko and Medicine for the People”

Sunday Service at Weber’s Deck

For a long time I’ve wanted to check out Weber’s Deck in French Lake, MN to go and listen to the best bluegrass, folk, and blues music around. I was lucky enough to get that chance this last Sunday. Colleen and I hooped up a storm (as usual) and it was a great experience allContinue reading “Sunday Service at Weber’s Deck”