How to Make Your Own Hoop Dance Skirts and Tutus

Due to some upcoming hula hooping performances Kayla and I have been trying to get inspired for making our next hoop dancing costumes. We want our new hoop clothing creations to be detailed and beautiful so we can wear them again and again. On these hooping costumes we want to incorporate a fun skirt. DIY,Continue reading “How to Make Your Own Hoop Dance Skirts and Tutus”

Different Ways to Cut Up T-Shirts

I’ve tried many different methods of cutting up t-shirts. Some successful, others shredded ripped failures that go straight to the garbage can, but if you do it right it can be a fun addition to your hooping clothes collection. I tend to use band and concert tees because they’re usually so boxy and man-shaped, itsContinue reading “Different Ways to Cut Up T-Shirts”

Inspiration for Your Next Hoop Dance Clothing Ensemble

Many new hooping outfits can be created by mixing up clothing items you already own. We hope to inspire you with photos featuring hoopers wearing unique outfits and costumes. Dressing up can be a lot of fun and only adds to the lively theatrics of hoop dancing. Each of the lovely hula hoopers have differentContinue reading “Inspiration for Your Next Hoop Dance Clothing Ensemble”

How to Cut Up a T-Shirt and Reconstruct into a Wrap

Earlier this summer we purchased two tie-dyed t-shirts with the intent to cut them up and create new hoop dancer costumes with them. Since our blog has become quite popular with people searching for hoop dance clothing and costumes, I thought I would make a DIY no sew video tutorial and share how I cutContinue reading “How to Cut Up a T-Shirt and Reconstruct into a Wrap”

Hula Hooper Costume with Yarn Hair Falls

This year for Halloween I just wanted to wear a hooping costume so I could play around my new LED hoop all night. Kayla threw together a Little Bo Peep costume, courtesy of some last minute Savers shopping. I had all of my clothes already, but wanted a little something extra. I have seen dread-likeContinue reading “Hula Hooper Costume with Yarn Hair Falls”

Hoop Dance Costumes and Clothing

Freaky fun outfits and hoop dance go together like peanut butter and jelly. But because hoop dance hasn’t quite hit the mainstream, it is hard to find fashion that is specifically tailored to hooping. There are some people out there making beautiful hand-made clothing specifically for hoopers, but that can get a little expensive. IContinue reading “Hoop Dance Costumes and Clothing”