Dramatic Makeup Ideas for Hoop Dance Costumes

Wearing a mask can add a very dramatic element to your hooping costume, but it is an obstacle bound to get bumped and banged around by your hoop at some point. To get the same effect without the annoyance try swapping out your mask out with some creative, highly pigmented makeup instead. Here are aContinue reading “Dramatic Makeup Ideas for Hoop Dance Costumes”

Hooping Clothes and Costumes

If you are looking for cute clothing pieces to incorporate into your next fabulously flamboyant hoop dance costume we’ve gathered some great links to get you started. There aren’t many online stores specifically offering “hooping” clothes, so we’ve hunted down other genres of dance attire that would look fabulous twirling around inside of your hoop.Continue reading “Hooping Clothes and Costumes”

How to Cut Up a T-Shirt into a Fringe Style Shirt

I’m back with another no sew t-shirt cutting tutorial. This time I show you a cool way to cut up a t-shirt into a fun fringe style top. It’s a different very wearable design that is great for hoop dance costumes. I love doing this to band shirts that are boxy, manly and not soContinue reading “How to Cut Up a T-Shirt into a Fringe Style Shirt”

Halloween Costumes 2011

This years halloween party was at my brother’s house and we all had a riot. My husband and I dressed up as Jesse James and Kat Von D. Kayla was a fabulous 70’s disco hooper. The winner of the costume contest was my friend Marcus who came dressed up as me. He drew on tattoosContinue reading “Halloween Costumes 2011”

Our 1st Hoop Dancing Photo Shoot (Part 1)

After sorting through hundreds of photos with mad cases of hula hoop faces we were able to cut our selection down to these more regular faced pictures. We were approached by Neil Anderson to do a photo shoot after he spotted us hooping at the Mississippi Music Festival last spring. It was something we’d beenContinue reading “Our 1st Hoop Dancing Photo Shoot (Part 1)”

Tutus Make Everything More Fun

With a little work, inspired from the recent videos I watched on making tutus and some crafty leg warmer creations from Kayla, we put together our newest hoop dance costume. They are very bright and we stick out like a sore thumb wherever we wear them. Perfect. In between performances the other weekend we tookContinue reading “Tutus Make Everything More Fun”