The Best Guerrilla Marketing Idea Ever

If I could think of the best guerrilla marketing campaign, it would most definitely involve hula hoop dancers. People flock to watch mezmerizing hoop dance performers. And not only do they hang out to watch, they frequently record video or take pictures while they stand around and gawk. The other major benefit is how mobile we are. Hoops goContinue reading “The Best Guerrilla Marketing Idea Ever”

Hello Hooping World: An Introduction

I said “Hello” to hooping just about two years ago and I never want to say “goodby!” I kept seeing Twistin Vixens flyers around town inviting folks to join them for hula hoop jams all summer at Lake George. I saw Colleen and Kayla having so much fun together on Wednesdays at Summertime by George. I was so intriguedContinue reading “Hello Hooping World: An Introduction”

Hooping on Stage with Heatbox

We had the privilege of jumping up on stage and performing once again with Heatbox at his most recent show at the Red Carpet Nightclub in St. Cloud. We love his music, and really love that he’s a one man show because that leaves extra room on stage for us sexy ladies and our hulaContinue reading “Hooping on Stage with Heatbox”

Hula Hoops are the Ultimate Ice Breaker

There is something about playing with a hoop that automatically makes you very approachable. People are always curious to know more about the “magic” they are seeing happen. This came in handy for me this weekend during our first trip to the Wisconsin Dells with the whole Hurley family. My 2-1/2 year-old niece was beingContinue reading “Hula Hoops are the Ultimate Ice Breaker”

Hoop Dance Half-time Show for SCAR Dolls

Photos by Jon Helm of LYDF. Last weekend we had the honor of providing the half-time entertainment for the SCAR Dolls (Saint Cloud Area Roller Derby). It was a home team match-up of the Gargoyle Brigade vs. the Pin-Up Prowlers. We performed for a full house at Bernick’s Arena in Sartell, and it was probablyContinue reading “Hoop Dance Half-time Show for SCAR Dolls”

Pregnant Hoop Dancing and C-Sections

During my pregnancy I was able to continue hooping right up into my final weeks before giving birth. I think I surprised a lot of people who thought I’d have to give it up for quite a while, but with a few adjustments to my typical hoop dance practice I had no trouble. I believeContinue reading “Pregnant Hoop Dancing and C-Sections”