New Kid’s Hoops for Sale

We have brand new kid’s hoops hot off the roll! Our kids hoop’s range in price from $15 to $20. The cheap $6 piece-of-junk Hula Hoops you’ll find in most stores tend to get bent or break apart not long after buying them. It’s no doubt the staples and sticker that hold them together are not that sturdy. Plus, they are alwaysContinue reading “New Kid’s Hoops for Sale”

Our Weekend at Lost Lake Lodge

We are grateful to have been invited by Lost Lake Lodge to spend Memorial Day weekend with them at their beautiful resort in Nisswa, MN. Twistin Vixens brought the “hula” to their Hawaiian inspired weekend. We spent Saturday morning fitting their guests with free hoops and teaching people how to decorate them. Then that afternoon we showed everybody how to use them during a familyContinue reading “Our Weekend at Lost Lake Lodge”

Hoops for Sale at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market

FREE HOOP FITTINGS at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market this Saturday, June 6th! Come try one on for size. We’ll help you fall in love with the perfect one, and give you all the tips we can think of to go along with it. We have standard and collapsable polypro options available. See options and pricing onContinue reading “Hoops for Sale at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market”

Hula Hoop with Us at Lost Lake Lodge

Retreat to Lost Lake Lodge with the Twistin Vixens and Minnesota Surf Co. for “A Hawaiian Twist” themed Memorial Day weekend, May 22nd through the 25th, 2015. You are all invited to celebrate the arrival of summer at this beautiful lake resort with us. On Saturday, Twistin Vixens Hooping will be performing as well as hosting a handful of hula hooping activities which include hoop making,Continue reading “Hula Hoop with Us at Lost Lake Lodge”

Hooping at the AZ Reggae Music Festival in Lake Havasu

This year was the first time I’ve ever had the opportunity to actually take a spring break vacation that didn’t involve visiting family. I collapsed and bound up three hula hoops and flew south with my husband. Our destination was the Arizona Reggae Music Festival in Lake Havasu. We stayed at the Nautical Inn for our secondContinue reading “Hooping at the AZ Reggae Music Festival in Lake Havasu”

Tunes We’re Currently Rocking

Music is essential to hooping and we listen to a lot of it. We’re always thirsting for different bands to tune in to. Frequently changing up your music helps put more variety in your hoop dance. We’re always open to recommendations, and since we love sharing we put together this list of artists we’ve been hoop dancing to lately. TryContinue reading “Tunes We’re Currently Rocking”

Hooper Clothing Inspiration

Our hoop clothing posts seem to be pretty popular so I put together another collection of clothes to inspire you hoopers. Hopefully this gives you some ideas as you assemble your next hoop dance costume. When hooping it is best to wear cotton, especially on your legs, because it is the least slippery fabric. Hoops also stick well to bareContinue reading “Hooper Clothing Inspiration”

2015 Hoopie Awards Nomination

Twistin Vixens were nominated for the 2015 Best Performance Group of the Year by We aren’t sure who nominated us, but a HUGE thank you to whoever did! It was a really great surprise to see our hoop troupe in the running. We were one of six nominees including performers from New Zealand and others from Austria. It feelsContinue reading “2015 Hoopie Awards Nomination”