Missed Hoopiversaries

Colleen Hurley Hoop Dance Practice

This summer was a busy one. So busy, I neglected to celebrate my  6th Hoopiversary (which, if you're a hooper, you know is a big deal) way back in June, and we never celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Twistin Vixen's in September either! It's not to late to acknowledge it though, right? I dedicate this video to honor …

Pregnant Hoop Dancing and C-Sections

During my pregnancy I was able to continue hooping right up into my final weeks before giving birth. I think I surprised a lot of people who thought I'd have to give it up for quite a while, but with a few adjustments to my typical hoop dance practice I had no trouble. I believe …

LED Hooping Practice

We took some time to enjoy the beautiful fall weather here in MN with our rainbow LED hoops from Illumi-Nation Hoops. We've been practicing our hooping-style and putting our efforts into spinning and moving together as a unit. Can't wait for next spring to see how we've evolved!