New Kid’s Hoops for Sale

We have brand new kid’s hoops hot off the roll! Our kids hoop’s range in price from $15 to $20.

The cheap $6 piece-of-junk Hula Hoops you’ll find in most stores tend to get bent or break apart not long after buying them. It’s no doubt the staples and sticker that hold them together are not that sturdy. Plus, they are always filled with annoying beads or heavy water that is bound to leak out at some point. If you want a durable, quality hoop for your child that will last a long time, it’s worth upgrading to one of ours!

Contact us or come get one in person this Saturday, July 18th at the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market. Nikki and Amy will be there dancing their art out and selling hoops. If you can’t make it this week check out our Upcoming Events page to see when we’ll be there next.