Our Weekend at Lost Lake Lodge

We are grateful to have been invited by Lost Lake Lodge to spend Memorial Day weekend with them at their beautiful resort in Nisswa, MN. Twistin Vixens brought the “hula” to their Hawaiian inspired weekend. We spent Saturday morning fitting their guests with free hoops and teaching people how to decorate them. Then that afternoon we showed everybody how to use them during a familyContinue reading “Our Weekend at Lost Lake Lodge”

Hoop Dreams

Now all your hoop dreams can be fulfilled with the surplus of hoops we’ve been busting out lately.  Our Level 2 Hoop Class is coming up quick and the only way to improve your hoop skills is to practice, practice, practice!  What better way to practice then with your very own Twistin’ Vixens hoop!  WeContinue reading “Hoop Dreams”

Hoop Taping Tips

The options are endless when it comes to taping and decorating hand-made hoops. Taping your first hoops can be a little intimidating, but I’ve had plenty of experience and will share with you what I’ve learned on how to tape hoops. The most commonly used tapes are: Vinyl – Basically electrical tape, available in many differentContinue reading “Hoop Taping Tips”

Hoop Making Maniacs

Since winter is sneaking up on us and we know we’re going to need lots more of our hand-made hoops to sell, we decided to have a hoop construction extravaganza. This ought to to keep us covered for a while. Our homes aren’t exactly spacious and hoop-making can take a pretty good amount of space,Continue reading “Hoop Making Maniacs”