Fall Community Ed Hooping Classes

Silhouette of a Hooper Spinning

We know, we know…you haven’t hula hooped since you were a kid. But after seeing the new modern twist on hooping, you’ve been secretly wishing you could do it too. Trust us when we say, you can! Now is the perfect time to pick one up and learn. All it takes is the right hoop, some helpful instruction, and practice.

Sign up for Twistin Vixens Hoop Dancing class this fall through St. Cloud Community Ed. We’ll be teaching a four week course that will get you started and leave you thirsty for more. Hoops will be available in variety of sizes and weights for use during class.


Published by Colleen

Hoop dance performer, hooping instructor and hoop maker. From Minnesota, transplanted to Arizona in 2016. I have been hooping since 2009 and doing my best to spread the joy of hooping ever since.