Indoor Winter Hooping Practice to Juliette Lewis

Hooping indoors in the winter poses many challenges for us. When we can’t meet at the YMCA, Kayla hoops in her living room surrounded by furniture, tables, electronics, plants…the list goes on and on. Lots of breakables indeed. I hoop in my spare bedroom which has essentially become my hoop room. It’s not very bigContinue reading “Indoor Winter Hooping Practice to Juliette Lewis”

Heavy Metal LED Hula Hooping

Last weekend my husband, my brother and two good friends (aka the band, Ophiuchus) had a gig just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. We piled girlfriends and gear in the van and hit the road. Kayla couldn’t make it, but the Ophiuchus wives club ripped it up instead. We pulled it together (as best we could)Continue reading “Heavy Metal LED Hula Hooping”

How to Cut Up a T-Shirt and Reconstruct into a Wrap

Earlier this summer we purchased two tie-dyed t-shirts with the intent to cut them up and create new hoop dancer costumes with them. Since our blog has become quite popular with people searching for hoop dance clothing and costumes, I thought I would make a DIY no sew video tutorial and share how I cutContinue reading “How to Cut Up a T-Shirt and Reconstruct into a Wrap”

Hoop Dance Practice at the YMCA

The weather outside is frightful and hooping is so delightful and since we’ve no place to go… let it flow, let it flow, let it flow! Here is a video we put together of us practicing hoop dance moves and dance flow in our favorite new place to hoop, in the fitness studio at theContinue reading “Hoop Dance Practice at the YMCA”

Hula Hooping with Heatbox at the Rox

Saturday night we had the awesome opportunity of performing on stage with Heatbox and special guest Nicolas Mrozinski of The Feelin Band at the Rox nightclub. It was a super fun crazy night! Heatbox packed the bar with about 350 people. Not a bad audience for a couple of brand new performers. We received lots ofContinue reading “Hula Hooping with Heatbox at the Rox”

Our New LED Hoops

This summer we spent a lot of time constructing and decorating hula hoops to sell. The goal was to sell enough that we could buy LED hoops for ourselves. We were successful! We found a good deal online at Illumi-Nation and ordered two matching 38″ diameter hoops in a rainbow pattern. The batteries are rechargableContinue reading “Our New LED Hoops”