Photos from Solstice Music and Arts Fair

We had a great time hosting our first official hooping vendor booth at the Takin’ Time Solstice Music and Arts Fair a few weeks ago. We loved hooping to the live music all day long while sharing hoops with others and creating quite the fun station for kids and families to hang out and playContinue reading “Photos from Solstice Music and Arts Fair”

Music for the Soul: Matisyahu

Music for the hoop as well. We are long time fans of Matisyahu. We’ve been loving his newest album “Spark Seeker” and felt inspired to make a quick video to one of the songs. It was hard to choose which one to use, they are all good. We recommend checking out his music yourself. A month orContinue reading “Music for the Soul: Matisyahu”

Sunday Service at Weber’s Deck

For a long time I’ve wanted to check out Weber’s Deck in French Lake, MN to go and listen to the best bluegrass, folk, and blues music around. I was lucky enough to get that chance this last Sunday. Colleen and I hooped up a storm (as usual) and it was a great experience allContinue reading “Sunday Service at Weber’s Deck”

Essential Hoop Dance Music: Endless Boundaries

  Endless Boundaries is a jam band radio broadcast from Philadelphia and South Jersey. Every Saturday night the host, Jaybird, puts together an amazing mix of music from the jam scene. Each week is a great new mix and I learn about lots of new and old bands I’ve never heard before. It’s a greatContinue reading “Essential Hoop Dance Music: Endless Boundaries”

Great Hoop Dancing Music: Boombox

Boombox is the newest artist we’ve added to our collection of hooping music. We are totally in love with the booty bumpin’ beats. A super bonus is that you can listen to both of their entire albums on their website. I was dancing in my office chair the whole day I first listened to themContinue reading “Great Hoop Dancing Music: Boombox”

Hula Hooping with the Werid Ass Trio

Kayla and I recently went to the Rox nightclub to see “Werid Ass Trio” perform. They are a threesome comprised of Heatbox, Nicholas “The Feelin” Mrozinski, and Maxaphone. They put on a really great show filled with funky songs that are all great for gettin’ down. We toted our rainbow LED hoops along just inContinue reading “Hula Hooping with the Werid Ass Trio”

Heavy Metal LED Hula Hooping

Last weekend my husband, my brother and two good friends (aka the band, Ophiuchus) had a gig just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. We piled girlfriends and gear in the van and hit the road. Kayla couldn’t make it, but the Ophiuchus wives club ripped it up instead. We pulled it together (as best we could)Continue reading “Heavy Metal LED Hula Hooping”