Hello Hooping World: An Introduction

I said “Hello” to hooping just about two years ago and I never want to say “goodby!”

I kept seeing Twistin Vixens flyers around town inviting folks to join them for hula hoop jams all summer at Lake George. I saw Colleen and Kayla having so much fun together on Wednesdays at Summertime by George. I was so intrigued when I read an article in the St. Cloud Times featuring the famed Twistin Vixens fabulous hula hooping duo that it led me to Facebook following, YouTube watching,  and full-blown obsessive stalker status. After meeting the girls at one of the hoop jams and playing around with their beautiful handmade hoops I was hooked! When classes were held through Sartell Community Education, I was so excited to sign up. I thought, this will be a fun and different way to stay fit and learn something new. What I didn’t realize was that I was entering a whole community of creative, free-spirited, body celebrating, extremely inclusive, and lovely hopers. I quickly learned that yes, it was super fun, but the true purpose of all this hula hooping was just wanting to get people involved and spreading the HOOP LOVE.  Simple as it sounds, it just felt good and it made me so happy.

I learned all of the basic hoop tricks and movements from Kayla and Collen at their classes then added more variations on my own through YouTube tutorials. I’ve also started to develop my own “flow” which in the Hoop realm is code for style or the way you transition one movement to another. I’m so excited and honored to be a part of the Twistin Vixens Hoop Troup to teach, perform, jam-out, and spread more HOOP LOVE.

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