Hooping at the AZ Reggae Music Festival in Lake Havasu

This year was the first time I’ve ever had the opportunity to actually take a spring break vacation that didn’t involve visiting family. I collapsed and bound up three hula hoops and flew south with my husband. Our destination was the Arizona Reggae Music Festival in Lake Havasu. We stayed at the Nautical Inn for our second time now. The beaches, pool bars and beautiful views make it a pretty great vacation destination. We visited last year for our wedding anniversary, only to find out that there was a Reggae Festival starting at that very location the day we were checking out, and we swore we’d be back in 2015.

The line-up was filled with great bands from Arizona, California and Hawaii. Artists included Fishbone, One Drop, Black Bottom Lighters, Lady Reiko, J. Boog, AnuheaThe Jimmy Weeks Project, Tenelle, Kush County, and Riotmaker. We had a great time meeting new people and enjoying our time off.

Tunes We’re Currently Rocking

Music is essential to hooping and we listen to a lot of it. We’re always thirsting for different bands to tune in to. Frequently changing up your music helps put more variety in your hoop dance. We’re always open to recommendations, and since we love sharing we put together this list of artists we’ve been hoop dancing to lately. Try rocking out to some of these guys during your next hooping session. And by all means, send your suggestions our way.

Kayla Recommends

Nikki Recommends

Amy Recommends

Colleen Recommends

Hooper Clothing Inspiration

Our hoop clothing posts seem to be pretty popular so I put together another collection of clothes to inspire you hoopers. Hopefully this gives you some ideas as you assemble your next hoop dance costume. When hooping it is best to wear cotton, especially on your legs, because it is the least slippery fabric. Hoops also stick well to bare skin, so leaving some exposed areas can benefit you as well. I added links to the clothing shown down below. Take some time to explore each of the shops, there are lots more options out there.

  1. Moccasins
  2. Vest
  3. Gaucho Pants
  4. Turban Headwrap
  5. Flow Shirt
  6. Leg Warmers
  7. Fishnet Tights
  8. High Waist Shorts and Crop Top
  9. Color Block Leggings

The only retailer I’ve ordered apparel from out of the items listed is OnlyLeggings.com (9) and I had great luck.

2015 Hoopie Awards Nomination

Twistin Vixens were nominated for the 2015 Best Performance Group of the Year by Hooping.org. We aren’t sure who nominated us, but a HUGE thank you to whoever did! It was a really great surprise to see our hoop troupe in the running. We were one of six nominees including performers from New Zealand and others from Austria.

It feels a little extravagant to say we were nominated as one of the top six hoop groups in the world, but lets go ahead and say it anyway.

Unfortunately we did not win the Hoopie Award, but we are still very honored to have been in the running. Congratulations to the winners Hoop Hooligans, and the four additional nominees HoopiosisHooptown HottiesKaleida Kinetic, and Twisted Orbit! If you want to geek out and see all of the categories and nominees for the 2015 Hoopie Awards check out the full list here.

We also want to extend a big thank you to everybody out there who showed us your support and voted, we really appreciate it!

Best Performance Group of the Year 2015 Nominees

Vote for the Twistin Vixens (Closed)

We are in the running for Best Performance Group of the Year in the annual Hoopie Awards by Hooping.org! Yes, it is a big deal. Help us win by going to this link and voting for Twistin Vixens in “Performance Group of the Year!” We aren’t exactly sure who nominated us, but THANK YOU to whoever did! It is our first time contending in any category of the Hoopie Awards and we are very excited about it. To anybody who has taken our classes, seen or hired us for hooping performances, purchased hoops from us or followed us on social media in the last year, we owe a big thank you! It is our mission is to spread the love and joy of hoop dance all around. So go on and vote for us! Please and THANK YOU! Hoop Dancing in the Summertime