Twistin Vixens 10 Year Anniversary

This September we officially celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Twistin Vixens Hooping. Hoop dance has bonded the four of us for life (we have tattoos to prove it) and enriched our lives in many ways. We’ve experienced countless hoop adventures together through the years and created lifelong memories of joy and laughter. I mean, how many grown women get to dress in matching costumes and makeup dance routines with their friends? It’s absolutely priceless.

As the years have passed a lot has changed in our own personal lives, but hooping will always keep us connected and 10 years later we still jump at every opportunity to pick up our hoops and show off our skills.



Published by Colleen

Hoop dance performer, hooping instructor and hoop maker. From Minnesota, transplanted to Arizona in 2016. I have been hooping since 2009 and doing my best to spread the joy of hooping ever since.