How to Make Your Own Hoop Dance Costume Accessories

We are big fans of saving money and making our own clothing and accessories to wear while practicing or performing hoop dance. A great way to do that is by recycling used clothing. Transforming it into something fun and new again. Here are a few helpful videos we’ve found online, tried out and recommend.

First up, the always essential leg warmers. You can see what these end up looking like in our photos from the Art Crawl below.

To keep with the warming theme now that it’s fall and temperatures are dropping, here is an easy way to make arm warmers.

Hula Hooping at the Art Crawl, Downtown St. Cloud, MN

The Twistin Vixens hooped it up downtown St. Cloud on Friday evening. There was lots of foot traffic for the local Art Crawl that was going on so we brought our collection of hoops, cranked up some music and danced our hearts out on the sidewalks. People walking by showed interest in our hooping skills and some even picked up our demo hoops and gave them a whirl. We made a new friend Bob, who joined us spinning poi for a bit then returned later that night with his glow poi. Thanks to him we finally got the camera out to take a few photos.

We still have hoops for sale for those of you that were interested, please email We can arrange a time for you to fall in love with and purchase your own hoop.

Several people inquired about hooping classes or lessons. As of now we are not able to offer any, but we are currently looking for an indoor practice space or studio to use during the winter months. If we have luck finding one, we will work toward offering classes. Subscribe to our blog to stay in the loop.

Downtown St. Cloud, MNHooping tricksOne-legged hula hoopingTwo hula hoopsSpinning glow poiHula hoop tricks

Our goal at the Art Crawl was to spark some interest in hooping in the St. Cloud community. With all the positive feedback we received and all the fun we had, we will definitely be back downtown hooping in the future!

Leave us a comment and tell us what you think!

Wookiefoot’s Harvest Fest 2010 Photos

Harmony Park sure knows how to have a good time! The energy surrounding the festivals there is unlike any other. It is magic. Which is what brought me back there for the 10th time (not to mention inspired my music tattoo). This year was different however, I purchased my first hoop at the park at Project Earth 2009 and when I returned for Harvest Fest 2010 I had a hoop dance partner with routines and our own hoops to sell.

We had pretty good luck selling hula hoops for the first time and people seemed impressed by our skills. There’s nothing else as fun as hooping to live music at Harmony Park among hundreds of other hoopers and playful performers. We left with an overall positive vibe. Here are some photos of us and our hula hoops.

Twistin Vixens at Harvest Fest 2010Colleen and Kayla HoopingIsolation HoopingHoop Dance Outfits

Gearing up for Harvest Fest

It’s our favorite time of year! Wookiefoot’s Harvest Fest is less than a week away and we’re busy getting ready. This will be our first time returning to the festival with our own hoops and the skills to go along with them. We’ve been busy constructing and decorating a variety of hand-made hoops to take with and share with the whole Harmony Park family.

We’ve been practicing our hoop dance and even have a few routines to perform. It’s time to go home and play!