Music for the Soul: Matisyahu

Music for the hoop as well. We are long time fans of Matisyahu. We’ve been loving his newest album “Spark Seeker” and felt inspired to make a quick video to one of the songs. It was hard to choose which one to use, they are all good. We recommend checking out his music yourself. A month orContinue reading “Music for the Soul: Matisyahu”

Video of Our Roller Derby Halftime Performance

Here is a chunk of our hooping performance from the SCAR Dolls Roller Derby Halftime Show on March 30, 2013. The video was recorded in such a manner that after exporting, it cannot be viewed on mobile devices, so you’ll have to check it out on your good old computer. But on the plus side,Continue reading “Video of Our Roller Derby Halftime Performance”

Video of our Cirque du Sartell Hooping Performance

Check out the video from our hula hooping performance at the annual Sartell Community Showcase. This years them was “Cirque du Sartell.” Soundtrack – “Circus” by C-Mon & Kypski

Tuesday Night Hoop Dance Ritual

Kayla is busy planning her June wedding, and I’ve been busy being a mommy, but we still carve out some time each week to get together and hoop. Every Tuesday night I drop off my baby, Adam, with his favorite babysitter (aka Kayla’s wonderful fiancé Jon) and we go to the St. Cloud YMCA whereContinue reading “Tuesday Night Hoop Dance Ritual”

Hoop Dancing for Nicholas David from “The Voice”

We are big fans of the musician Nicholas Mrozinski AKA The Feelin… now more popularly known as Nicholas David. He recently went from a talented local artist, performing around Minnesota, to a nationally recognized contestant on the TV show, “The Voice.” We are fortunate to have hoop danced on stage with him and Heatbox onContinue reading “Hoop Dancing for Nicholas David from “The Voice””

How to Make a Hoop Huggie

If you’ve become a hoop dancing addict like us, you’ve probably accumulated a significant hoop collection. I came across this video on how to sew a hoop huggie, which seems to be a popular way of gathering hoops together. It’s a stretchy fabric carrying case that will keep your hoops protected and in a bunchContinue reading “How to Make a Hoop Huggie”