Video of Our Roller Derby Halftime Performance

Here is a chunk of our hooping performance from the SCAR Dolls Roller Derby Halftime Show on March 30, 2013. The video was recorded in such a manner that after exporting, it cannot be viewed on mobile devices, so you’ll have to check it out on your good old computer. But on the plus side, it can be viewed at a higher resolution than our other videos, so be sure to change the quality to it’s highest setting.

Video by Dan Frost.

The full performance was 16 minutes long and it was hard for us to cut out any of it, so this “shortened version” is still over 8 minutes. Hopefully it doesn’t bore you! We had such a great time being a part of this event. It was our largest captive audience yet and at the end of the derby as we hauled our hoops out we were flooded with praise. We even got asked to sign a couple of autographs for a couple cute little ladies (in crayon, which made it that much better).

Twistin Vixens Hooping doing the double weave

Photo by Steve Huss Photography.

Published by Colleen

Hoop dance performer, hooping instructor and hoop maker. From Minnesota, transplanted to Arizona in 2016. I have been hooping since 2009 and doing my best to spread the joy of hooping ever since.

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