Hoop Dance Costumes and Clothing

Freaky fun outfits and hoop dance go together like peanut butter and jelly. But because hoop dance hasn’t quite hit the mainstream, it is hard to find fashion that is specifically tailored to hooping. There are some people out there making beautiful hand-made clothing specifically for hoopers, but that can get a little expensive. I spent an evening online in search of cute hoop dance-worthy clothing and accessories that any hula hooper would surely love to have in their costume boxes. I’ve included an array of merchants, from hand-made hoop-specific clothing makers to lower cost all-purpose dance attire.* Make sure to search around the sites beyond just these items. They have lots of other cool clothes too.

All of these hoop dance inspired clothing are available at the links below.

  1. Dancewear Solutions
  2. Hoopclothes.com
  3. Sock Dreams – Fencenet Arm Warmers
  4. Viktor Viktoria
  5. Vinyl Dolls – Furry Leg Warmers
  6. Weissman Designs for Dance – One Sleeve Dance Top

*We have not actually purchased from any of these retailers and cannot speak for their service or the quality of any products. Leave a comment if you have!

Check out our other collection of hoop clothing ideas here.

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