Hooping Video Downtown St. Cloud

We shot this hooping video in front of a mural downtown St. Cloud, MN last summer after our day long hoop photo shoot. It makes us miss the warm weather and we can’t wait to be able to hula hoop outside again. The groovy soundtrack in this video is “Shakedown Street” by Boombox. They makeContinue reading “Hooping Video Downtown St. Cloud”

Hooping for Pachanga Society’s Tribute to Bob Marley

A week and a half ago we had the pleasure and privilege of hula hooping with the Stearn’s County Pachanga Society for their annual Caribbean Music and Bob Marley Tribute Show. It took place at the Pioneer Place theatre downtown St. Cloud, MN. We had a lot of fun “stirring up” the dance floor withContinue reading “Hooping for Pachanga Society’s Tribute to Bob Marley”

Video of us Hula Hooping at Summertime by George

We had a great time hooping to the live music at Summertime by George last summer. I just came across this video of us hooping to our favorite musical performance, Stearns County Pachanga Society, so I thought I’d share. It’s a rare sample of us hooping to a slower paced tune.

Birthday Party Hula Hoop Performer

This Sunday a friend of mine asked me to be the entertainment for her 8 year old’s birthday party. I showed up with an arm load of hoops and performed for them next to the pool at their hotel for a couple of songs. Then they all grabbed my extra hoops and joined me. ItContinue reading “Birthday Party Hula Hoop Performer”

Hooping at the Sizzling Summer Art Crawl

Last weekend was our third time spinning our hoops downtown St. Cloud during the Sizzling Summer edition of the Art Crawl. This time we had the great pleasure of performing on behalf of the GREAT Theatre who invited us, along with several other groups of performers and musicians, to spice up the action on the streets forContinue reading “Hooping at the Sizzling Summer Art Crawl”

Hoop Jams at Eastman Park by Lake George

Summer is flashing before our eyes, but we still have two more hoop jams to look forward to before it’s over. We’ve had good turn outs at them so far and had fun connecting with more hoopers from the area. Join us at the next hoop jam on August 27th from 2-4 pm. It’s freeContinue reading “Hoop Jams at Eastman Park by Lake George”

Hooping at the Art Crawl Downtown St. Cloud

Once again the Twistin Vixens made our appearance at the Art Crawl. We brought our collection of hoops for sale and extras for people to play. It was fun hooping for and chatting with the crawlers. We hope to find a musical act to hook up with on the streets next time. If anybody wantsContinue reading “Hooping at the Art Crawl Downtown St. Cloud”