Honeymoon Hoop Adventure

This has been one crazy year so far! In the last four months I have gotten married, ventured across the east coast on my honeymoon, and moved to a new home. Even though I’ve been busier than I’ve ever been before, I have managed to keep hula hooping a top priority! Hoop dance has beenContinue reading “Honeymoon Hoop Adventure”

Twistin Vixens Hoop Dance Class in Brainerd

Back in January we received an email from a woman in Brainerd, MN asking if we would be willing to come up and teach her and some friends how to hoop dance. We jumped at the chance. On Saturday we gathered up all of our hoops and headed north. We met four women in theContinue reading “Twistin Vixens Hoop Dance Class in Brainerd”