Hula Hooping at Moondance Jam 2011

This year was my first time going to Moondance Jam, a classic rock music festival that takes place in Walker, MN every summer. It’s such a fun place even the friendly police officers know how to have a good time. My husband Andy and I joined of six of our great friends for the weekendContinue reading “Hula Hooping at Moondance Jam 2011”

Bella Tempo Festival 2011 Photos and Video

The Twistin Vixens spent the long Memorial Day weekend hoop dancing until we dropped at Bella Tempo Music Festival. Our good friend Sarah Moore has joined in our hoop-craze so don’t be surprised if you see her hula hooping with us a lot more in the future. She is from St. Paul and will beContinue reading “Bella Tempo Festival 2011 Photos and Video”