Bella Tempo Festival 2011 Photos and Video

Twistin Vixens at Bella Tempo Music Festival

The Twistin Vixens spent the long Memorial Day weekend hoop dancing until we dropped at Bella Tempo Music Festival. Our good friend Sarah Moore has joined in our hoop-craze so don’t be surprised if you see her hula hooping with us a lot more in the future. She is from St. Paul and will be teaching hoop dance classes there later this summer.

Before making the haul down to Harmony Park I made our first tandem hoop to play with. You can see in our video after some trial and error we were able to get the momentum going and keep the hoop up. Sarah and I got it down pretty well by Sunday. It was a fun accomplishment and I’m proud to say we can now boogie with 2 people in one large hoop!

The band line-up was really good so we had a hard time putting our hoops down and taking breaks to let our bodies rest. By Sunday night we were all so exhausted the walk from the stage to our campsite in the far back of the park became close to impossible. It was worth every second though. We had the best time hooping and look forward to more festivals this season. Some of our favorite bands of the weekend (definitely worth checking out) were:

Keller WilliamsBeats AntiqueBucketheadHeatboxBoomboxUseful JenkinsNicholas Mrozinski & The Feelin’ BandNew Rebelution, Mark Joseph Project, Pert Near Sandstone, Boys n’ the Barrels, Shoeless Revolution

Hula Hooping at Bella Tempo during the Feelin Band

Hoop Dancing at Harmony Park

Hula Hooper at Harmony Park

Bella Band ScheduleTie Die Hoop Costumes at Music FestivalIn case you’re curious, our rainbow LED hoops came from Illumi-Nation Hoops and we LOVE them!!

Published by Colleen

Hoop dance performer, hooping instructor and hoop maker. From Minnesota, transplanted to Arizona in 2016. I have been hooping since 2009 and doing my best to spread the joy of hooping ever since.

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