Spring 2016 Hoop Dance Classes

Sartell Community Ed Hoop Dance Class Spring 2016

Last week we ended another great hoop dance class chock-full of our favorite tricks. The five week session focused on introducing new tricks, and learning how to transition each move into a seamless hoop dance flow. We worked with a lot of off body hooping combinations including  isolations, breaks, and our class favorite, super high tosses.

Hooping is a fun activity and is beautiful to watch, but it is also a serious workout! Everyone who participated in this class would agree that hooping is a great way to burn calories, sculpt arms, and whittle waistlines while having a blast. It’s rare to find any exercise that is this enjoyable.

Thank you to all the wonderful new hula hoopers who came to play with us. Your fearlessness and unabashed enthusiasm is the reason we love to share our hoop passion.

Can’t wait to see you all hoop dancing outside this summer!