Spring Hula Hoop Events

Pink Fuzzy Hoop Outfit

Hooping Performance for a Corporate Event

We recently had the opportunity to spread more hoop love at Performance Foodservice’s annual customer appreciation event hosted at the River’s Edge Convention Center.  The event had a special Woodstock theme and we were more than happy to dress the part.

We started the night off with Amy, Nikki and myself performing our newest choreographed hoop dance routine to the classic song “Sugar, Sugar” by the Archies.  Afterwards, we had the audience come up and try hula hooping. We had lots of participation and were able to teach some groovy hula hoop tricks. Hopefully we inspired people to keep their eyes peeled for our next hoop dance classes, and join in on the fun!

Woodstock Themed Hula Hoop Performers

Woodstock Themed Hoop Dance Performance

School Carnival Hoopers

Nikki, Amy and myself were also asked to perform and teach at St. Paul’s Capital Hill School Carnival. This event was geared more towards a circus theme and hosted over 1,500 people. We had a fun time coordinating our black and white striped leggings and our adorable fuzzy legwarmers for our performance costume. Kids are always naturals when it comes to hula hooping so this event was a crowd pleaser for sure!

Spring has already sprung into full gear with hooping events and we are excited for even more this summer. When it comes to community performaces the Twistin Vixens are more than happy to join in and make your event a super fun and memorable time!