Solo Hula Hooping Videos of Colleen and Kayla

A request was made for more videos of us hooping, so here you go! Colleen’s video features me with my hula hoop at a bunch of various locations. I have to thank my hubby for recording the majority of them. I’m sure it’s exactly what he wants to be doing when we’re at concerts andContinue reading “Solo Hula Hooping Videos of Colleen and Kayla”

Hula Hooping at the MN State Fair

Kayla visited the Minnesota State Fair a couple of weeks ago and like most places we go, she brought one of her collapsable hoops along. She hunted down a couple different bandstands and hooped to the live music of Down Lo, and 4 on the Floor. She also nestled her way into the audience atContinue reading “Hula Hooping at the MN State Fair”