How to Make a Hoop Huggie

If you've become a hoop dancing addict like us, you've probably accumulated a significant hoop collection. I came across this video on how to sew a hoop huggie, which seems to be a popular way of gathering hoops together. It's a stretchy fabric carrying case that will keep your hoops protected and in a bunch …

Hula Hooping on a Jet Ski

Yes, it is possible! Kayla doesn't ever put her hoop down, even when she's doing other super fun things. We hope everybody is having a fabulous summer and bringing your hoops along with you wherever you go!

Babies Love Hula Hoops

My best friend's little cutie pie had a great time at our hoop jam this fall. The swirling hoops made her laugh and smile, which made all of us do the same. She was a hit.