Live Young Die Fast Clothing

Live Young Die Fast ClothingJon Helm of Live Young Die FastLive Young Die Fast Clothing, otherwise known as LYDF, is a local company that we are closely tied to. Kayla especially. Her husband Jon Helm is the founder. He started the company in 2009 selling t-shirt designs locally and managing a blog based on his love of motorcycles, tattoos, photography, music and whatever else tickles his fancy. Definitely check it out.

Ben Yanok TattooerBen Yanok is an exceptional artist and close friend of Jon’s who is a big part the LYDF crew. He created all of the kick ass designs for their current line of clothing and just so happens to be my tattooer over at the Ink Factory in Hudson, WI.

Alyxandra Welch modeling for LYDFAlyxandra Welch, is a super sexy tattooed model you will also find contributing to their blog and sporting some of the goods.

If you want to rock some of your own LYDF gear visit their clothing store and check out the variety of art and different styles of shirts they have available. Then, support your local riff-raff by following them on Facebook.

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