Hoop Dance Class in the Park Recap

Twistin Vixens’ hoop dance class in the park was a smashing success last night. Thanks to all who joined us and it was a great turn out! Many new hoopers discovered the joy of hoop dance for fitness as well as FUN!

Personally, it was a great flashback for me to have Kayla and Colleen go through the beginning hoop dance curriculum. It made me remember the time where I originally fell in love and became “mildly” obsessed with hula hoop dance during my first classes with them. That was over a year and a half ago and I haven’t stopped spinning since. The way they teach the general breakdown of the moves is a wonderful base for gaining a solid foundation and finding your hoop flow.

image (3)

Warming up at the beginning of classimage

The whole crew after class


Please join us for our next hoop jam next Tuesday at Lake George and stay tuned for more hoop dance classes being offered in the fall!

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