New Collapsable HDPE Hula Hoops

Up until now we’ve been constructing all of our hoops with basic black Polyethylene (PE) irrigation tubing that we purchased locally from the hardware store. But ever since we started practicing with our LED hoops regularly, we have been gravitating toward hoops made from lighter skinnier tubes, and we love being able to collapse our hoops to half their size for travelling. We wanted to have these options available on our own hoops, so after reading this helpful information from Rich at Isopop, we ordered new 7/8″ High Density Polyethlyne (HDPE) white tubing from McMaster Carr. It is much more expensive that the PE tube, but so far seems to be worth it. Our tubing arrived two days after I ordered it. Much quicker than I had anticipated.

Soon we will be adding these options to our Vixen Hoop choices. Here are the first two I constructed that collapse and expand successfully. Stay tuned for a review on all the different types of tubing we’ve tried out so far, our likes and gripes, and what we recommend…

White Collapsable Hula Hoops

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