2015 Hoopie Awards Nomination

Twistin Vixens were nominated for the 2015 Best Performance Group of the Year by Hooping.org. We aren’t sure who nominated us, but a HUGE thank you to whoever did! It was a really great surprise to see our hoop troupe in the running. We were one of six nominees including performers from New Zealand and others from Austria.

It feels a little extravagant to say we were nominated as one of the top six hoop groups in the world, but lets go ahead and say it anyway.

Unfortunately we did not win the Hoopie Award, but we are still very honored to have been in the running. Congratulations to the winners Hoop Hooligans, and the four additional nominees HoopiosisHooptown HottiesKaleida Kinetic, and Twisted Orbit! If you want to geek out and see all of the categories and nominees for the 2015 Hoopie Awards check out the full list here.

We also want to extend a big thank you to everybody out there who showed us your support and voted, we really appreciate it!

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