Hooping during Pachanga Society at Lake George

Twistin Vixens two person warrior with hoops

Stearns County Pachanga Society
put on a spectacular show at the second to last installment of Summertime by George. We brought our brand new “Green Shiny” polypro hoops with us and nestled ourselves into the crowd right along the side of the stage. Pachanga Society’s music is impossible not to dance to, so we knew we couldn’t miss this opportunity to hula hoop. It was hands-down the best show of the whole Summertime series. We were complimented by band members and many of the spectators, and for the first time ever we were asked for our autographs by some sweet little girl. Hopefully she hangs on to it, one day it’ll be worth money.

Next week we plan to return, only we will be bringing lots of hoops to share with everybody. So come find us and give one a spin!

Twistin Vixens

Hoop Dancing at Stearns County Pachanga Society Show

Twistin Vixens Hooping at Summertime by George

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