Meet the Two New Twistin Vixens

Amy Imdieke and Nikki DeMars

Allow me to introduce Amy Imdieke and Nikki DeMars! They fell fast and hard in love with hoop dancing just like Kayla and I did several years ago. We had the pleasure of introducing them to the hoop when they were students in our Sartell Community Ed Hoop Dance Classes in the fall of 2011. Since then they haven’t been able to put their hoops down. A sure fire sign that someone has become a true hooping addict is when they start making their own hoops, which both of these girls have done, and gotten quite good at. This means good things for you hoopers out there, as we can now increase our inventory and the variety of hoops available for purchase locally. Plus, with our newly expanded hoop troupe we can now offer longer performances or just more hoopers!

We’d like to officially welcome these girls to the Twistin Vixens and we are thrilled to have them join us in our quest to spread the love of hula hooping around St. Cloud and beyond!

Hoopers at Summertime by George

We will be holding our first official meeting tonight to set dates for summer hoop jams and one or two pre-scheduled hoop dance classes in the park, which you will be able to sign-up for ahead of time.

Keep your eyes peeled for one, two, three, or all four of us hooping it up at Summertime by George this summer. We are also a part of the Downtown Walk About again this year. We will post more info on that soon. If you spot us out there spinning around, come say hi, and give it a whirl yourself! You just might get a free sticker.

St. Cloud Hoop Troupe, the Twistin Vixens

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