Amy Imdieke, Colleen Hurley, Nikki DeMars and Kayla Helm

We are the Twistin Vixens, a hoop troupe that started St. Cloud, MN and has now expanded to Phoenix, AZ. We perform, teach hooping classes and sell our own hand-made hoops. Hula hooping is our passion because it incorporates the two best things in the world, music and dancing. An added bonus is that it’s great exercise usually involves fun clothing. It inspires playfulness, tones and strengthens your entire body, provides a fun high cardio workout, quiets the mind and improves coordination and balance. We love everything about hooping and we have made it our our mission to share it with others.

Twistin Vixens Hula Hoop Dance Instructors


hoops, hoop making, hula hoops


  1. I love your site here! Very Inspirational! Get a hold of me sometime when you go hoopin, I got an awesome one of my own that has been in the closet waaaaaaay toooo long!!! Take care and hope to see ya soon again!

  2. Hey guys! My name’s Jillian, I just started a blog about hula hooping (, and I would love to get the chance to interview you guys for it. Email me if you have any interest!

  3. It would be great if you could offer some classes in Minneapolis community area this summer!!! Looks like lots of fun!! Thinking of having you for my daughters 12th birthday party in August!!! Let me know!

  4. Hi Jen – Mpls is a little far for us to drive to teach classes, however we are always available for private lessons if you have a few friends who want to learn with you. I will get back to you about the Birthday Party in August. I myself am pregnant, but I passed your request on to my partner Kayla to see if it is something she could do.

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