We always keep a variety of hoops on hand to share with hoopers. We craft our own hoops from start to finish. Custom color combinations are available and our selection is constantly changing. Hoops are only available to buy directly from us in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Email hoop@twistinvixens.com if you are interested in seeing what we currently have available and trying one on for size. We would love to give you some tips and help you find just the right one. Or two, or three.

Twistin Vixens Support Your Local Hoopers

Standard Hoops
Beautifully decorated and available in a variety of weights and diameters.
$30 – 40

Polypro Hoops
Fast, light, springy hoops available in a variety of diameters.
Clear Polypro – $25
Colored Plastic Polypro – $40
Taped Polypro – $50

Kid’s Hoops
Brightly decorated and available in a variety of diameters.
$15 – 20


  1. I recently twisted my way into a Vixen Rainbow Bright Hoop with help from an insider.
    I was looking for an Adult sized durable hoop that was light weight. For most beginners weighted hoops are preferred or recommended but I liked a little challenge and found out that I dislike weighted hoops or hoops with fillers like water.
    The Vixens sure like to hoop around, but they don’t fool around when it comes to the precision and love put into each hand crafted quality hoop with no fillers and a fabulous tape job that can stand a little whooping around from new learners like myself.
    I love the grip tape and all the wonderful colors of the rainbow as the hoop spins. It’s a one Piece collapsible hoop that detaches by small elusive push buttons enabled for coiling and easy travel purposes. I’m anxiously waiting to travel with mine as it fits in my suite case for protection during my international travels, or as a carry on item for local trips and festivals.
    I was also pleased to find out that the Vixen Crew cares for the safe arrival of your hoop by consciously packing it down to its travel size and into a shipping container. While other hand craft providers deliver their product simply wrapped in paper making them vulnerable to damage and dings before arrival. Knowing that my hoop was handcrafted makes me care for it even more than if it had came from an industry which produces many without the delicate love.
    Thanx Vixens for passing on such a lovely Hula hoop, I hope that others can appreciate your work as I have.
    Hula your heart out and Hoop to see you around!

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